A foreign language, in two words.

It is said that you live an extra life with every new foreign language you speak. Although it is wonderful to explore the culture of a country without rush, the lack of time and the immediate interests impose an efficient and pragmatic system of learning a foreign language.

Step 1. Communication.

This is the secret that we are focusing on and through which identify the needs and objectives of our learner to further guide him to the maximum potential for development in communication.

Step 2. Identification.

Each learner is different, in terms of age, intentions, interests and goals. Once we identify them, we can adapt the teaching process to cover the specific communication needs.

Step 3. Customize.

The effectiveness of learning a language depends on the adaptation of the method to the personality of the learner. Using Professor Howard Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligence” as inspirational source, we will activate the learning potential of each student. Thus, each course becomes a customized experience, tailored to the goals and preferences previously expressed.

Step 4. Efficiency through creativity.

Compared to conventional methods – explaining and clarifying concepts, dialogue, permanently adjusting delivery style – we will further stimulate the learner’s creativity and playful spirit by focusing on a series of activities designed in a creative manner as part of the educational act.

The little trainees will enjoy the most modern teaching techniques: role-play games, language exercises through stories, teamwork, field trips and more. The next stages of age bring new teaching strategies to achieve a higher level of linguistic preparation. Interactive teaching methods are always centered on personal learning style and on the company profile for groups.

Step 5. Progress registered with each lesson attended.

We want to celebrate your linguistic progress. Besides the course itself, we are pleased to offer you a pleasant and memorable communication experience in a foreign language!