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“Why Britanica?” asked Mina.

The festive season is well and truly underway. Christmas is a time to be merry and in keeping with the season Britanica has kept its annual Christmas gathering well going, and this year with a homey touch.

We all gathered around the Christmas tree in Britanica’s branch at Iancului discussing our hopes and wishes for the New Year, reflecting on what we have done and what we are planning to do.

There are lots of family owned businesses around the world but very few of them have a familiar feeling to it. “I like that we are a family here,” said Elena Ionescu one of our beloved new teachers, adding that she feels relaxed and welcomed at Britanica.
“I feel comfortable that people don’t just put me down when I make a mistake, but they try to teach me how to be better.” continued Elena, also mentioning her appreciation to the flexible schedule that she has at Britanica which made her enjoy the job even more.

At Britanica we try our best to be organized and to have a fun aspect in our jobs. “You know who does what and you can refer to that person if you have a problem regarding that person’s department” Said Azka Pratikno our fun and perky teacher.

Working in a place for a year or two shows that you enjoy that place, but working for 10 years shows faithfulness and loyalty. That’s how long our beautiful teacher Alexandra Simion has been working in Britanica. So I got curious, what makes a person work for 10 years in one place? “Angela and I are the oldest in the centre, we’ve been here since they’ve opened the section for teaching children” said Alexandra. “I like working here and I got used to it. Britanica became my second home” added Alexandra.

We make sure to take care of all of our wonderful colleagues from teachers, mentors, sales and finance, back office and even our wonderful helpers like Mr. Mircea Cirlan. “I’ve been working here for some years and the best thing about Britanica is that there is always a possibility for growth and the feel that you are a part of a big family” said Mr. Mircea.

Studies say that having the right environment will definitely make you perform better in your job no matter how difficult it is. And our amazingly talented teacher Vlad Borza agrees on that. “It’s very cozy here. I like the people and I love that there was a spark between us when I first chatted with people. I felt like people here are very open and warm.” He also added that at Britanica there is always someone available for you to talk to, either about teaching, potential projects or even just a casual chat about your hobbies.

Having amazingly talented teachers in Britanica allowed us to celebrate this Christmas in the warmest way possible by caroling and singing both national and international Christmas songs with our gifted teacher Vlad Borza serenading us with his guitar while we joined in with singing.

Marry Christmas Everyone!