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Business Communication Partner

The Britanica Centre has been working with many multinational companies over the years, for which it has become an invaluable partner by helping to increase their competitiveness and profitability.

Language courses for companies are designed and tailored to the communication objectives of each company, in order to offer them an unbeatable linguistic and cultural advantage.

What advantages the learners will benefit from:

  • Free language audit before the course starts.

  • Deepening the specialized business vocabulary required in the company’s business.

  • Developing the ability to interact in actual business situations.

  • Exposure to contexts similar to situations in the professional field (presentations, negotiations, meetings, delegations).

  • Developing intercultural communication skills in business contexts.

  • Access to the linguistic expertise of marketing, psychology, economics and other business related professionals in the business environment.

The offer includes English and German courses, or any foreign language, upon request. Also, on-demand specialized courses intermediate-advanced can be organized for the following areas: finance-banking, accounting, customer care, hotel services, marketing & publicity, human resources, IT etc.

Stages of collaboration:

  1. Starting a language audit within the company, reported to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  2. Written and oral testing of employees.
  3. Interviewing managers and employees to establish and clarify communication goals.
  4. Analysis of the results, based on which we will form the study groups.
  5. Completion of the communication objectives, together with the manager and / or the human resource responsible and the future learners.
  6. Proposal of the training coordinates: program adapted to the objectives and adjusted for the duration of the modules, the place of the lessons, their frequency.
  7. Request the agreement on the training program
  8. Delivery of the training program, previously defined by common agreement.

The company benefits from a system of continuous monitoring and improvement of the course. It includes 3 feedback sessions on the module, reports on periodic progress and, of course, continuous communication with the company’s training department.

Talk about the company success in any language!

Locations and access:

Britanica Centre – Iancului from 126 A Ferdinand Bd. sector 2.

Subway: Iancului Station – 3 min. walk. Bus lines: 133, 135, 167, 243, 311, 655. Trams: 1, 36, 14.

Britanica Centre – Baba Novac from 39, 7 Drumuri Street, sector 3.

Subway: Muncii Station – 10 min. walk. Bus lines: 104, 311. Trams: 70, 79, 40, 56, 86

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