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linguistic audit

Linguistic evaluation for top performance

Language audit identifies the specific needs of a company’s employees and helps implement a correct training strategy for learning the foreign languages needed for performance.

The auditing process can be applied at the level of the entire company, a single department or a group of employees.

The advantages of linguistic audit:

  • A correct and complete image of the employees’ linguistic abilities, following an independent, objective and comprehensive evaluation.

  • Reduced costs by setting an exact number of hours for participants to reach learning goals.

Audit steps:

  1. Starting the linguistic audit, related to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  2. Written and oral testing of employees.
  3. Interviewing managers and employees to establish and clarify communication goals.
  4. Analysis of the results, based on which the study groups are formed.
  5. Proposal of the training coordinates: program adapted to the objectives and adjusted for the duration of the modules, the place of the lessons and their frequency.
  6. Requesting agreement on the training program.
  7. Organization of the course, which will start within one week from the request.
  8. Setting the timetable and frequency, in agreement with the participants and the trainer.

Learn the needs of your employees, and we will help them develop their communication skills!

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