Pinkie Pie Course

english for small children

The sooner, the better for the junior explorers

Offer your child, from the earliest years, the most important advantage: a superior ability to think. Extensive studies show that learning a foreign language during the pre-school period stimulates memory and favors the processing of information. In addition, the 2-3 year old children learn the correct pronunciation more easily and remember without difficulty new words, increasing their vocabulary day by day.

Why you should choose the Pinkie Pie English Course for 1.5 to 3 year old children:

  • We build a solid foundation for the thinking, language, and imagination of the children, using their innate capacity to grow rapidly.

  • We facilitate the appropriation of the second language as easily and naturally as the native language.

  • We stimulate the development of flexible thinking.

  • We encourage the appreciation of diversity, as the study involves contact with a different culture, and this will positively influence the children to be open to differences.

  • We aim to bring children towards fluency from the age of 6

  • We develop the pleasure of communicating with others.


The little child discovers the world through physical activities and sensory experiences, so that the junior’s communication attempts will be initially non-verbal. As the language develops, the little child increases his ability to think and act independently.

We created a course in which the little ones will learn English not only through songs and poems, but also through many exciting activities: finger puppets, painting, molding and other dynamic games.


Very small children retain information primarily in their short-term memory, thus many repetitions are required to accumulate it. That’s why the course takes place in short sessions of about 60 minutes. In this way, children learn English in a sustained rhythm, naturally, as an integral part of their day-to-day activity.

Locations and access:

Britanica Centre – Iancului from 126 A Ferdinand Bd. sector 2.

Subway: Iancului Station – 3 min. walk. Bus lines: 133, 135, 167, 243, 311, 655. Trams: 1, 36, 14.

Britanica Centre – Baba Novac from 39, 7 Drumuri Street, sector 3.

Subway: Muncii Station – 10 min. walk. Bus lines: 104, 311. Trams: 70, 79, 40, 56, 86

Who starts since the young ages goes far! With confidence and patience, we will enjoy together the remarkable progress of the little one.