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When you decide to learn a foreign language, choose an accredited centre for excellence in language education.

EAQUALS (European Association for Quality Language Services) is the most rigorous European association for the supervision of standards in foreign language teaching.

In the EAQUALS accreditation system, independent inspectors check, every 4 years, all important items in the institution: teachers, course schedules, safety rules, legal status, and the quality of the learner’s experience as a whole.

The Britanica Centre adheres to the principles of EAQUALS, which guarantee the best experience of learning a foreign language:

  • A team of qualified teachers.

  • Interactive, captivating, efficient teaching method.

  • Curriculum structured in detail with performance metrics to measure success.

  • Relaxed, tolerant and inclusive learning framework.

  • Spaces with appropriate resources.

  • Fair balance between quality and price.

  • Respecting the health and safety standards of the trainees.

  • Transmit complete, accurate and clear information.

Thanks to the EAQUALS accreditation, you are sure to make the best choice when you choose to learn a foreign language at the Britanica Centre.

Certificare Eaquals

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