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The certification of experts

International certifications are required by most prestigious universities, serious employers, and government institutions. Make sure you have an important asset for the admission to a top school or for a career advancement.

Why Cambridge Exams are the most valuable international certifications:

  • They are recognized by more than 13,000 institutions in the world. Click to see if the institution that interests you is among them.

  • They are recognized by the Ministry of National Education.

  • Starting with the PET (Preliminary English Test), they can replace the linguistic competence test at the Bacalaureat.

  • They have lifetime validity.

  • Detailed results are easily accessible online.

  • Provides a wide range of exams, study or career opportunities.

Depending on your age, level, goals and specialization, English knowledge can be certified as follows:

  • For children: YLE Starters, YLE Movers and YLE Flyers;

  • For young people and adults with general or academic objectives: KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE;

  • For adults with professional objectives: Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary), Business Vantage (BEC Vantage), Business Higher (BEC Higher) and BULATS;

  • For adults with specialization objectives: Legal (ILEC) and Financial (ICFE).

Cambridge for children

The Young Learners Cambridge exams for children are designed to evaluate the knowledge of kids aged between 7 and 12. With a friendly and motivating format, they:

  • Introduces three levels of difficulty: Starters, Movers and Flyers.

  • Consist in four tests: writing, reading, listening and speaking.

  • The scoring system starts from a “shield” and get up to 5, the maximum mark.

  • They are internationally recognized through the diploma issued by the University of Cambridge.

By participating in the Cambridge YLE exams, children:

  • Will enjoy a clear and realistic route with constantly monitored progress.

  • They will not be intimidated by the results: there is no “Rejected” rating.

  • They will gain, through the certified English level, access to various resources, materials and opportunities in English (magazines, games, movies, international competitions, etc.).

  • They will consolidate a progressive learning style.

  • They will be motivated to achieve a specific goal.


Courses take place in groups of up to 10 students.

The learning process pursues two directions:

  • Strengthening lexical-grammatical structures;
  • Approach and learning techniques to solve exercise patterns that will be presented at exams.

The advantages the British students will benefit from:

  • They will benefit from a free level test before starting the course.
  • They can consult a Cambridge examiner free of charge for advice on the appropriate type of exam, the time needed for preparation, etc.
  • They have the opportunity to work with Cambridge examiners.
  • They benefit from assistance in completing forms and completing the exam enrollment procedure.
  • They will take the exam in a familiar space, as the Britanica is an accredited Cambridge examination centre.

The courses will take place between September 12th, 2018 and June 2019.

Frequency: 2 meetings per week.


Study groups consist of 5-10 children.

Session Duration: 120 minutes

The number of sessions is determined by the level and preparation for the Cambridge Exam.


  • 32 lei/hour

  • 120 lei/hour – individual course

  • Support course material fee, depending on the level of training:

    – 180 lei FCE year I
    – 200 lei FCE year II
    – 230 lei for children KET/PET exam preparation


  • 10% for full payment per year

  • 5% for payment in 2 installments

  • 5% for attending two courses

  • 5% for the participation of more siblings

Locations and access:

Britanica Centre – Iancului from 126 A Ferdinand Bd. sector 2.

Subway: Iancului Station – 3 min. walk. Bus lines: 133, 135, 167, 243, 311, 655. Trams: 1, 36, 14.

Britanica Centre – Baba Novac from 39, 7 Drumuri Street, sector 3.

Subway: Muncii Station – 10 min. walk. Bus lines: 104, 311. Trams: 70, 79, 40, 56, 86

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