TOEFL exams certificate

The linguistic key of the new horizons

Over 27 million people worldwide enjoy international recognition for studies and careers offered by TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) certification.

What you need to know about TOEFL:

  • It is accepted by over 9,000 universities, colleges and institutions from 135 countries.

  • Confirms the ability of speaking academic North American English.

  • The TOEFL certificate is valid for 2 years.

  • It is recognized by the Ministry of National Education and can replace the language proficiency test at the Bacalaureat.

  • Contains four tests: listening (50 questions), speaking (40 questions), reading (50 questions) and writing (one subject).


Courses take place in groups of up to 10 students.

The learning process pursues two directions:

  • Strengthening lexico-grammatical structures;

  • Approach and learning techniques to solve exercises that will be presented at exams.

The advantages the students of Britanica will benefit from:

  • A free level test before starting the course.

  • Regularly recaps the language structures tested on the exam.

  • They will work with a team of professional trainers.

  • They can check their performance by attending an entire exam simulation.

  • They will benefit from assistance in completing the forms and completing the exam enrollment procedure.

Locations and access:

Britanica Centre – Iancului from 126 A Ferdinand Bd. sector 2.

Subway: Iancului Station – 3 min. walk. Bus lines: 133, 135, 167, 243, 311, 655. Trams: 1, 36, 14.

Britanica Centre – Baba Novac from 39, 7 Drumuri Street, sector 3.

Subway: Muncii Station – 10 min. walk. Bus lines: 104, 311. Trams: 70, 79, 40, 56, 86

All the possibilities of the Anglophone world, at the distance of a certificate!