Teachers-friends, for your linguistic performance

The Britanica Centre was formed around people who are not just excellent teachers, but also counselors and friends.

In the Britanica Learning Centre team only the trainers and teachers with attitude and mentoring skills are selected, whose professional qualities are doubled by passion and pleasure to communicate. This has shaped a family whose members have the same vision, for which the road to performance is relaxed and enjoyable.

Also, Britanica is a learning organization in which the emphasis on training and professional development of our teaching staff is of paramount importance.

What we want to see and develop in a teacher or trainer that becomes part of our organization, to assure the best quality of our courses, is the following set of qualities and skills:

PRE-REQUISITE ABILITIES AND SKILLS – required at hiring time

  • Language proficiency – the teacher has to know the language beyond the B2 – C1 levels
  • Presence – we want to offer our students a safe and professional environment, therefore we look for confident teachers and trainers that offer respect and full dedication and attention to the students assigned to their classes
  • Passion for teaching – which for us translates into an inner drive to support others on their learning path

THE MUST-HAVES – standard qualities that we make sure all our educational staff possess

  • The ABC of teaching – our teachers and trainers know the communicative approach we promote in learning a foreign language because they are trained through a rigorous internal teacher development programme
  • Lesson preparation – all our classes are thoroughly prepared before delivery so that the students are exposed to the right mix of revision, presentation of new material and practice until confidence is achieved. What we want to celebrate with our students in each and every lesson is our final aim– independent, fluent speaking in free conversations.
  • Having a personal portfolio of activities – all our teachers and trainers are adapting the communicative method to their own, personal style and develop a portfolio of activities tested in many teaching environments and that have proved to be effective in time. Therefore, they are creative, resourceful and adaptable to each learning context.

THE NICITIES – refined qualities of experienced teachers that we aim to develop through our internal training programme

  • The control of voice, body projection and of other non-verbal signals that make the delivery more effective and pleasant for the participants
  • Presenting new material in a memorable and motivating way
  • Delivering classes that are fun, challenging and creative, with the right mix of stirrers and settlers.

Exhibiting a good control of refined teaching techniques like error correction, class dynamics, pace and flow between lesson parts