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Testul de Plasare pe Nivel pentru Adolescenti

Acest test este destinat evaluarii nivelului de cunostinte de limba engleza al tinerilor intre 13 si 18 ani.
Va rugam sa nu faceti eforturi (sa folositi internetul, dictionare etc.) pentru a raspunde la intrebarile la care nu stiti raspunsul - testul acopera o plaja mai larga de niveluri de cunoastere si este important sa identificam cat mai bine nivelul cursantilor.

Testul cuprinde 120 de intrebari si o zona de compunere/writing.
Timpul alocat testului este de 50 de minute


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Scoala/Centrul Britanica
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1. Where … from?
I’m from France.
2. We have … house in Barcelona.
3. I have 2 …, a boy and a girl.
4. I work in a … . I am a teacher.
5. This is my cousin. … name is Alicia.
6. … four people in my family.
7. I always go to bed … 12 o’clock.
8. I like pears, but I … apples.
9. Excuse me, … speak Spanish?
10. How much are … glasses?
11. Where is my hat?

It’s … the bed.
12. My friend … football very well.
13. I usually go to school … tram.
14. I don’t visit my cousins very often … they live in New Zeeland.
15. Linda didn’t go … work yesterday.
16. Yesterday I … to the cinema.
17. The … isn’t so expensive, but its facilities are really good.
18. Do you want to go shopping or to … TV?
19. … was your sister last summer?
She was in Italy.
20. … you have a good time at the wedding?
21. Are you… friend?
22. Mary will meet … in front of the supermarket.
23. I’m going to the cinema tonight. … you like to come?
24. … use your pen?
25.  I like this pair of jeans, but they … expensive.
26. Do you sell postcards?

Yes, we do. How … do you want?
27. Excuse me, how do I … to Victoria Station?
28. - Jim is your brother, isn’t he?

- That’s … .
29. I’d like … honey in my tea, please.
30. … a tram station really close to my house.
31. Should I come over?

Not really. I … my homework.
32. I think playing cards is more interesting … watching TV.
33. We … having a party at the weekend.
34. … having a coffee in that new restaurant in the city center? What do you think?
35. The Smiths have bought a new house near … sea.
36. If it rains, you … go to the forest.
37. … you ever eaten oysters?
38. I bought only two liters of oil.

That’s not … .
39. Did you finish your essay?

Not yet. I … it tomorrow morning.
40. Mara … loves being a teacher.
41. Is Madrid the capital of Spain?

I think … .
42. I ... never… ambitions.
43. Samantha paid the bill … her dad’s credit card.
44. The last time I … Cora was at Anna’s wedding.
45. If you … in your dreams, they will come true.
46. Can I prepare myself something to eat?

Of course.You … to ask.
47. I … hard in my free time. I have to win the race.
48. … anywhere nice recently?
49. It’s Sonia’s birthday tomorrow. She … 28, I think.
50. Riding a bike isn’t as difficult … driving a car.
51. If the weather … nice tomorrow, we’ll go to the beach.
52. About a million cans of Coca- Cola … drunk around the world every day.
53. I don’t feel very well.
54. I’m looking for Henry. He… to the village. He won’t be back till tomorrow.
55. Would you mind changing the time of the meeting? … time tomorrow is fine.
56. When I was a child I … drink lots of milk.
57. Have they finished… the fence?
58. Could you help me please? I’ve tried … hotel and hostel in the city but there is no room available.
59. My brother used to find work boring… he had his own business.
60. If I … you, I would tell him the truth.
61. I … on a bench outside the cinema, when suddenly mother appeared.
62. How about going to “The Rooster” for dinner tonight?

I don’t know what to say. It … be fully booked.
63. We’ve … returned from an amazing trip to Toscana.
64. I have to be at work in half an hour.
Don’t worry. I can … a lift, if you want.
65. The trainer advised me … more exercise.
66. I couldn’t … up with all the stress from work, so I decided to give up my job.
67. You … be telling the truth. I know him very well and I know he wouldn’t do such a thing.
68. Janice …  playing the piano for more than five years.
69. Don’t be upset if I … late at the meeting. I have something to do first.
70. I have a terrible toothache.

Have you tried … some painkillers?
71. Athletics is a sport … requires a lot of effort.
72. Anda … in this company for two weeks so she can’t be aware of everything that is happening here.
73. I was wondering … I could ask you some questions.
74. Well, my dearest child, it all depends… you.
75. You… ordered something more to eat. In a couple of hours you’ll be starving.
76. Do you ever ask your friends to do favours … you?
77. Some married couples seem to get more… over time.
78.  I don’t know how much this watch costs. The price label was… off.
79. Sasha passed the first interview because she … a very good impression.
80. Salsa music always … me of my sweet Bogota.
81. I … to be picking Julie from the airport, but I can’t leave work earlier.
82. There is no … I’m coming with you to that terrible club.
83. By the age of 25, I … that I wanted to leave the country
84. I’m afraid your car …  repaired before next month.
85. The number of unemployed people has … recently.
86. A woman … arrested these days for hacking in her husband’s computer.
87. Sue can borrow my car … she promises to take care of it.
88. “It … been John who played the prank, no one else could be so devious” is one of the best songs in the musical history.
89.  I tend to put … dealing with problems, rather than focusing on them right away.
90. Helena’s mother is Spanish so … the language wasn’t a problem for her.
91. If it … for Mike, we would have been dead now.
92. … I had the talent, I still wouldn’t want to be an actor.
93. The people threatened …  on strike if they didn’t get paid.
94. I was about to reach the destination when it … to me that it was the wrong way.
95. As they were planning to open a new department, I was asked to … it up.
96. If the actors … professionals, the film will be a blockbuster.
97. By the end of January I … married for 3 months.
98. This is a picture of me … on the beach.
99. My students take their responsibility very …
100. She was … amazed of his kindness.
101. People were amazed that the burglary took place in … daylight.
102. The suspect soon broke down when the police … him and confessed to having broken into the jewellery store.
103. Agoraphobia is by far the most … disruptive fear that people may experience.
104. I … remember leaving my glasses in the car.
105. Josh turned … to be a bigger backstabber than I thought.
106. The walls of this building are in … of restoration.
107. Speed cameras … shown to reduce accidents.
108. Do not be deceived … thinking that the most expensive products are the best.
109. You’ll have to reverse out of this road- it’s a … and we can’t go any further.
110. We might get a bit later to the reunion. We’ll be … in a meeting with our CEO.
111. Having… the driving test several times, Julie has finally passed it.
112. Music has a major influence … our soul.
113. Maintaining an accurate balance sheet is essential, … business you are in.
114. Today will be…, so hold onto your hats!
115. In my family, property is … from parents to children, so I’m fortunate enough to have my own house.
116. English people are used to … on the left side of the road.
117. Students can access details of the … they have been sent via the Show My Homework app.
118. Cody was brought up on a cattle … so he knows all about how to handle livestock.
119. There has been a(n) … improvement in her academic performance.
120. Jet lag is one of the main disadvantages of … flights.


  • Write an answer to one of the questions (1, 2 or 3) in this part.

  • Write your answer in about 100 words.

Question 1
Describe your best friend (physically, personality, for how long you know him/her, what you like doing together, other things you would like to mention)

Question 2
Describe a happy day in your life (what happened, who were you with, why it is so important to you, other aspects you would like to include)

Question 3.
It is said that “Parents are the best teachers”. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.