Bine ati venit la TEST PLASARE 8-12 ANI

Acest test este destinat evaluarii nivelului de cunostinte de limba engleza al copilului dvs.
Nu trebuie sa faceti eforturi (sa folositi internetul, dictionare etc.) pentru a raspunde la intrebarile la care nu stiti raspunsul - testul acopera o plaja mai larga de niveluri de cunoastere si este important sa identificam cat mai bine nivelul copilului.

Testul cuprinde 40 de intrebari si o zona de compunere.
Timpul alocat testului este de 45 de minute


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1. Select the correct answer.

2. Select the correct answer.

3. Select the correct answer.

4. Select the correct answer.

5. How many flowers can you see?

6. How many books can you see?

7. Which word is different?
8. Which word is different?
9. Which word is different?
10. F r ­­_?_ d a y
11. My brother is eating _________ dinner.
12. ___________ is the ice cream?
13. I can __________ fast.
14. The dog is _______ the table.

15. The dog is ________ the table.

16. We eat our lunch ___________ 12.30 every day.
17. Which word is different?
18. What is the opposite of ‘old’?
19. Which plural is wrong?
20. The boys _______ playing football at the moment.
21. There are ________ mangos in the bowl.
22. She always ________ fruit for breakfast.

What time is it?

24. Which word is different?
25. Which word is different?
26. Which word is different?
27. Silver is _________ than gold.
28. I’m __________ to see a film this evening.
29. _______ you play football yesterday?
30. I _______ at the beach yesterday.
31. This isn’t your money. It’s ________ .
32. A hippo is _________ a tiger.
33. She ____________ a monkey when it stole her bag.
34. He went to university ­­­­­___________ English.
35. The ___________ dinosaur film is called Legend of the Dinosaurs.
36. This is the teacher _________ is teaching you today.
37. She ________ a coat because it was a cold day.
38. She always goes shopping ______ Mondays.
39. This hospital __________ to be a hotel.
40. I ____________ a police officer when I grow up.
41. Look at the picture. Write a short story (up to 50 words) to describe it. Give it a title.